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Tickets for "GLOBAL CYBERSECURITY SUMMIT 2017" (06/14/2017 – 06/16/2017)
Ticket sales have ended on 16 June 2017 13:00

Event details

Media accreditation: http://bit.ly/akredGCS17


The world around us isn’t just changing - it is transforming at an increased pace across several categories which affect us all. From geopolitical conflict caused by globalization and climate change, to the impact of the next several billion humans coming online, to unprecedented advances in frontier tech like AI and IoT, we must plan for today’s threats while anticipating tomorrow’s. Yet, there aren’t enough brains to tackle the cybersecurity challenges that governments, businesses, non-profits, and average users continually face. The 2017 Global Cybersecurity Summit (GCS17) will bring together experts to discuss these important topics which are critical to our cyber and economic security, in a highly-topical setting.


During the 2-day summit, participants will be exposed to cybersecurity best practices, cuttingedge developments, new opportunities, and emerging challenges across a series of categories including government, IoT, VR/AR, and the industrial internet. Confirmed sessions include:

• Creating the Next Generation of Cyber Pros
• The Bold New World of IoT Security
• AI and Machine Learning
• Encrypting the Future


1000+ of the brightest minds in cyber — technicians, instructors, hackers, dev ops, developers, designers, advocates, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and others motivated by the topic— will gather at in Kiev, Ukraine's breathtaking capital, to share deep knowledge and cutting edge ideas together.


GCS17 will partner with industry-leading organizations and individuals in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors. Their invaluable feedback and insights will help guide the content of the summit in order to deliver the most relevant and impactful outcomes. Participants will also benefit from partners' expert knowledge, which will be delivered at critical moments throughout the summit.


The PasswordCon Lightning Talks are an opportunity to bring much more content to the summit than would otherwise be possible in a traditional format. It is here where we some of the more brain-rubbing thoughts, unique points of view, cutting-edge analysis, and counterintuitive ideas may surface -- all in short and exciting bursts. PasswordCon Lightning Talks are available for sponsorship, including opening and closing remarks.
14 — 16 June 2017
Wednesday — Friday
"Parkovy" Convention and Exhibition Center
Ukraine, Kiev
Parkova Road 16

Event host

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